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Hi! I'm Abiram.
// i study computer science.
// i write ctfs with the unsw security society for fun :)

Recent posts and scribblings.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Security.
15 January 2021
don't get hacked!
CompClub CTF 2021.
15 January 2021
I had the exciting opportunity to volunteer to help run a security workshop and write an accompanying CTF for high school students!

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FAQs, but the F stands for Foreseeably.

Q: What's with you and ramen?
Ramen (whether it be real or instant) is an amazing food and abiramen just stuck as a username which I use in a lot of places. At that point, I decided that basing my entire personality on a bowl of food was a good idea. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Q: Are you aware that your ramen bowl looks a bit like a face?
Uhhh... It's a feature, not a bug. :)

Q: Where's the top-secret CTF?
There's a CTF hidden on a page somewhere in the www.abiram.me domain. Yes, the objective of the entire CTF is finding the CTF. Good luck!

Q: Why does this FAQ even exist? I bet no one's asking half of these.
Don't expose my filler content like that. :(